Here's just a small sampling of revitalization that has been brought to Newton Hill


The Hon. Paul v. Mullaney Flagpole

Restoring an original feature of Newton Hill, FNH retrofit the steel pole with a fiberglass flagpole in 2017, following a generous donation from Serrato signs. FNH unanimously voted to dedicate the flagpole to Hon. Paul V. Mullaney in 2017, as he raised his family at the foot of Newton Hill and his family has shown enormouscommitment to the revitalization efforts at the park.



opened the summit

We worked with Working 4 Worcester to open up the summit around the Summit Road and the East-West Trail facing Park Ave. This is a long term project, in the hopes of enhancing the city views and opening up the summit to create a more welcoming space. 


2.Exercise Mat.Bird Dog.B.JPG

12-station fitness circuit

In 2016, we installed a 12-station fitness circuit following a grant from the Fuller Foundation.  The stations were installed with the help of students from both Assumption College and WPI and are located around the Hill to promote circulation around the park and healthy recreation.