Minutes: FNH Advisory Board Meeting 3/12/2018

Meeting date and time: March 12th, 7 PM           

Location: Phelan Center at Blessed Sacrament Parish, 551 Pleasant St Worcester, MA 01602     

Attendance: Phil Bolduc, Moira Coakley, Sharon Ducsik, Stacey Hill, Steve Hopkins, Brittany Legasey, Kevin McCormack, Rick Miller, Paul Popinchalk, Luke Robert, and Andrew Serrato with Mayor Joe Petty and staff Dan Raciot

  1. Welcome - Mayor joining meeting at 8 PM
  2. Updates
    1. Earth Day - 4/7/18, Stacey will check in on DHS participation
    2. Working 4 Worcester - 4/14/2018
    3. WPI Helping Herd 4/21/2018
    4. Flagpole dedication Thursday 6/14/2018
      1. Need to replace flag and install plaque
      2. Andy only needs 14 working days to turn plaque around
  3. Sponsorship Committee
    1. Need to raise money from local businesses to sponsor to holes - in a formalized agreement
    2. Group will reevaluate disc golf sponsorship levels
    3. Group discussion about demographics of disc golf players and creating engagement between players and FNH
  4. Hill Maintenance
    1. Need for wood chips and water bars to improve trail quality
    2. Recommendation for the development of a forestry plan/advice
  5. Doherty
    1. Mayor outlines city’s bid and briefly describes the process - city currently in preliminary stages
    2. “Start thinking about what you want.”
    3. Group in unanimous agreement on topic:
      1. Existing DHS footprint to be maintained
      2. No additional grading/paved areas
      3. Access to trail head via DHS parking lot
      4. Maintenance/preservation of park resources and current park land
        1. Retaining wall on highland St could be improved
    4. FNH will work on a solid, written statement that the group can rely on going forward in the DHS rebuild process
  6. Summer Concerts
    1. 7 shows: 6/26, 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/7, 8/14
    2. Luke requests assistance from other members in procuring gift certificates for use in raffle
    3. Staffing needed for concerts: vending pizza/drinks and staffing an FNH dedicated table/setup
    4. Steve considering buying a hot dog cart, need to know if it can be staffed
  7. Membership
    1. Time to submit 2018 annual membership dues - friendly reminder.

Next meeting, Monday, April 30th, 2018 at 7 PM