Minutes: FNH Advisory Board Meeting 2/12/2018

Meeting date and time: February 12th, 2018 – 7 PM          

Location: Blue Jeans Pizza/2 Chalmers Rd.          

Attendance: Phil Bolduc, Stacey Hill, Brittany Legasey, Conor McCormack, Kevin McCormack, Rick Miller

  1. Welcome
  2. Flag pole dedication ceremony
    1. June 14th, 2018 (Thursday), time and logistics TBD
    2. Working with city to select a time to facilitate City Manager, Mayor, and Parks Commissioner attendance
    3. FNH needs to start strategizing/planning to create formal invitation and promote event
    4. Summit needs to be in pristine condition
      1. Rick will get in touch with Paula Bushey to ask for assistance planting a perennial bed around the flag pole base
      2. Rick will get in touch with FNH Advisory Board Member Andy Serrato about plaques for the base of the pole
      3. Plans to paint the old pole/base
    5. FNH needs to prepare/order informational literature about the group prior to this event. General interest brochure, as well as a hand out about the many monuments at Elm Park.
      1. Brittany Legasey will create drafts of both for the Advisory Board to review.
  3. Working for Worcester 2018
    1. ‘Build Day’ April 14th, 2018
    2. Pre-build day, volunteer effort to prepare scrub growth around the summit for removal by volunteers.
      1. Earth Day is April 7th
    3. Logistics
      1. Park Spirit will be assisting with ‘Build Day’ sites at both Salisbury Park and Newton Hill at Elm Park
        1. City will provide a chipper at Salisbury Park.
  4. Brittany Legasey, acting as Park Spirit President, gave the group an update on Park Spirit’s efforts to establish a conservancy to institutionalize FNH’s parks maintenance activities at Newton Hill
    1. The ‘Elm Park Conservancy’ will be set up as a member organization under Park Spirit. Park Spirit’s Board of Directors will have directional control of the organization (macro decisions), day-to-day decisions will be made by the ‘Conservancy Operations Committee’, of which Legasey suggested that FNH act as, until a more formal committee can be established.
    2. Park Spirit’s new bylaws to facilitate the conservancy and eventual staff
      1. FNH will receive one voting position on Park Spirit’s board.
      2. Member organizations cannot make physical changes to park land without presentation/approval by Park Spirit’s board (and the appropriate city permissions). 
        1. Disc golf expansion cannot proceed until the proposed work is presented to Park Spirit’s board. Park Spirit’s last Board of Directors meeting prior to summer/fall is Monday, April 16th at 7 PM.
  5. Disc Golf Course Expansion
    1. Disc Golf World Championship in Worcester 2019 – September
      1. Need to raise $10,000 for new mats, new baskets to expand course to championship level, and new tee signage.
  6. Other business discussed
    1. Phil’s application to Recreation Trails Grant Program for Cross-Country ski circuit at Newton Hill/Elm Park

Next meeting, Monday, April 30th, 2017 at 7 PM